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The roots of tradition run deep.

Conceived of creative necessity, AMMO founder Amy Sweeney began serving the
fashion and photography industries of Los Angeles at a time when unhealthful and unappetizing on-set catering was de rigueur. Sweeney had recently returned from extensive European travels, where she marveled at the simplicity of delicious, healthful cooking based upon seasonal harvests, preceding this common moniker of restaurants and chefs by decades. Her imperative was cooking delicious meals that could be enjoyed daily by a Hollywood community that derived its income and infamy from glamour, beauty, and public perception. AMMO materialized the transformation of dining in Los Angeles, first simply as a catering concern, soon after offering a tiny take out window for the neighbors, and eventually growing through multiple incarnations as an iconic and beloved Los Angeles dining room that welcomed Hollywood’s entertainment elite.

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Founder, AMMO

Amy Sweeney

Founder, AMMO

Amy Sweeney is the visionary namesake of L.A. landmark restaurant AMMO. Extended European travels as a young student ignited and ingrained a culinary passion for local, seasonal ingredients, decades before these ideals became a common catchphrase. AMMO catering was born out of Sweeney’s work in the fashion photography industry, where the food offerings were predominantly unsatisfying, unhealthy, and mostly uneaten. A self-taught chef, Sweeney’s intention has always been to offer guests a dining experience imbued with simplicity and an unyielding connection to the earth and its seasons.

A strong believer in cooking from the heart, Sweeney has insisted that everyone who works at AMMO shares these beliefs, no doubt contributing in large part to AMMO’s decades of continued success. With the newest incarnation of AMMO by Salt, she has partnered with Chef Tomas Rivera to transformed kitchens, minds and hearts, all the while showcasing and celebrating the bounty of the seasons discovered on that European adventure of long ago.

Chef, AMMO by SALT

Tomas Rivera

Chef, AMMO by SALT

Chef Tomas Rivera, creator of SALT Catering is in the business of creating specialty events and unrivaled cuisine for prominent onsite and offsite production, accommodate any size event for Hollywood awards and premieres, city and corporate events, premier music venues, and private fete's.  Chef Tomas recently partnered with Amy Sweeney to produce AMMO by Salt, to continue to legacy through delivery & catering.

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