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Exciting news, AMMO is back for Delivery & Catering with AMMO by SALT!

In an effort to keep the AMMO spirit alive, I have partnered with Los Angeles Chef Tomas Rivera to bring you AMMO by SALT where you can continue to get your favorite signature dishes that you have come to love by AMMO.  

Tomas has been a leader in the hospitality and catering industry for over 20 years, he is known for creating events both large and small for both corporate and hollywood clientele through Salt Catering.  He has supported AMMO over the years,  ensuring true success during our catering events.  It was only natural to have him carry the AMMO vision for years to come.

With my guidance, AMMO by SALT will be able to offer you both Delivery and Catering, making the famous "Alexander Brown Rice Bowl" now available once again!

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11:00am - 2:30pm


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Los Angeles

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