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Boxes | Platters | Bowls

SMALL (80oz) Serves 2-4 people
MEDIUM (160oz) serves 8–10 people
LARGE (320oz) serves 16-20 people

Little Gem Lettuce, avocado, fennel, radish, chive, green goddess dressing  
small 20 | medium 40 | large 80
Caesar Salad torn croutons, shaved parmigiano Reggiano
small 20 | medium 40 | large 80
Cobb Salad romaine, grilled chicken, bacon, chopped egg, cherry tomatoes, green beans
avocado, Point Reyes blue, lemon vinaigrette
small 30 | medium 60 | large 120
Market Vegetable Salad arugula, green beans, fennel, celery, cherry tomatoes, parsley
parmigiano Reggiano, lemon vinaigrette*
small 25 | medium 50 | large 100
ADD chicken | tofu small 10 | medium 20 | large 32
Seasonal Soup of the day 6 (16oz) | 12 (32oz)

SMALL 90 platter of 6 sandwiches (12 halves)
LARGE 180 platter of 12 sandwiches (24 halves)

Roasted Chicken Breast Sandwich fontina, bacon, avocado, butter lettuce on sourdough
Steak Sandwich dandelion, red onion, tomato, radicchio, horseradish crème fraiche on sourdough
Vegetable Sandwich avocado, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, feta, lemon,
olive oil on whole grain
BLTA Sandwich, bacon, little gem lettuce, tomato, avocado, aioli on sourdough

PREPARED SALADS small 40 | medium 80 | large 160
SMALL (80oz) serves 8-10 people
MEDIUM (160oz) serves 16-20 people
LARGE (320oz) serves 36-40 people
Chef’s selections*:

Farro Salad, roast pears, arugula, radicchio, hazelnuts, blue cheeses, maple balsamic dressing

Roasted Baby Carrot Salad, baby carrots, spring onion, fennel, rosemary,
sage, olive oil, sherry vinaigrette

Market Vegetable Salad, Chef’s choice of farmer’s market vegetable

Israeli Couscous Salad, cherry tomatoes, red onion, olives, Persian cucumber, pinenuts, parsley, oregano,mint, lemon vinaigrette
*may change seasonally.

SMALL serves 8-10 people
LARGE (serves 16-20)

Alexander’s Brown Rice broccoli, snap peas, asparagus, pico de gallo
ADD: chicken or organic tofu  small 75 each | large 150
Organic Penne Pasta, choice of protein, roast garlic, EVO, parmesan, fresh basil

 small 75 each | large 150
Turkey Meatloaf house-made ketchup  small 85 each | large 170

Grilled Flat Iron Steak, roasted fingerling potatoes, broccolini, blue cheese
small 180 | large 360
Grilled Chicken, Brussel sprouts, heirloom carrots,  salsa verde  
small 160 | large 320
Roasted Salmon, winter squash, Castelevrano olives, mint & parsley  small 170 | large 240

Hollywood Lunch
22/person (minimum 10 person order)

Little Gem Salad
Prepared Salad of Your Choice
Assorted sandwiches
Roasted Chicken | Steak | Vegetable Sandwich
Wholewheat chocolate

AMMO Signature Lunch
26/person (minimum 10 person order)

Farro Salad or Market Salad
Prepared Salad of Your Choice
Alexander Brown Rice
Market vegetables, pico de gallo
Chicken | Tofu
Seasonal Crostada

California Lunch
30/person (minimum 10 person order
(Additional protein @ 4 / person)

Little Gem salad
Prepared Salad of Your Choice
“Select an Entree”
Hanger Steak | Grilled Chicken | Roasted Salmon
Chocolate brownies
Wholewheat chocolate chip Cookies


AMMO classic hummus 8oz 10 | 16oz 20 | 32oz 36
Olive Tapenade 8oz 10 | 16oz 20 | 32oz 36
AMMO chips | 32oz 16 | 64oz 32
AMMO crackers 32oz 58 | 64oz 116

Priced per dozen

Whole wheat chocolate chip cookie 36/dozen
Seasonal Crostada, whipped mascarpone 48/dozen
Chocolate brownie 36/dozen
Warm bread pudding creme fraiche 70 (serves 8-10 people)
Seasonal cobbler cream fraiche 80 (serves 8-10 people)

SMALL serves 8-10 people
LARGE serves 20-24 people

Cheese Parmigiano Reggiano, fontina, Pt. Reyes Blue, aged-cheddar, local honey, roasted almonds, whole grain bread
small 90 | large 180
Charcuterie Prosciutto, bresaola, soppressata, house-made pickled
vegetables & AMMO crackers  
small 110 | large 220
Market Vegetables classic hummus or green goddess
small 70 | large 140
Falafel hummus, pita bread, tzatiki, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, roasted peppers, feta
small 70 | large 140
Bruschetta hummus, olive tapenade, marinated baby artichokes,
cherry tomatoes, burrata, basil
small 70 | large 140
Steak | Chicken | Shrimp Skewers chimichuri
Steak Small 48 | large 96 - Chicken Small 48 | large 96 - Shrimp Small 60 | large 120

DELIGHTFUL BITES served room temperature
2/each (36 piece minimum, per item)                    

Falafel bites, tzatziki
Roasted cauliflower, romesco sauce
Grilled fruit + nut bread, Point Reyes mousse
Red endive, Humboldt Fog, walnuts, wild honey
Feta + roasted tomato tartlet
Greek salad cucumber cup
Couscous chickpea salad tartlet
Emmental cheese crostini, farmer’s market fruit, fennel
Squash crostini, Point Reyes cheese, pomegranate
Herbed goat cheese, mushroom tart
Vegetable rice paper spring roll
Spinach artichoke salad tartlet
Grape, Point Reyes blue cheese, pistachio
Quinoa salad tartlets

DELIGHTFUL BITES refrigeration|reheating required*
3/each (36 piece minimum, per item) 

Herb grilled shrimp, green goddess
Tuna poke cucumber cups
Prosciutto wrapped asparagus
Roasted chicken lettuce cup, julienned cucumber, carrots, mint, cilantro, ginger vinaigrette
Prosciutto crostini, goat cheese, arugula pesto
Cucumber, cream cheese, smoked salmon, chive
Steak crostini, peppers, gruyere, arugula, aioli*
Crab cakes, chili lime aioli*
Mini grilled ham + cheese sandwich*
Grilled steak, mushrooms, taleggio crostini*
Buttermilk fried chicken, honey, rosemary*
Roasted baby pancetta potato, crème fraiche, chives*
Hanger steak skewers, chimi churri*


To ensure premium quality and availability, we request the following:

48-Hour advance notice is required.
Written confirmation of orders is required with in 48-hours.
Payment is required 48-hours prior to order.
Order is considered confirmed once paid, 100% cancellation penalty.
Delivery based on availability, offered with in 5 miles.
Delivery fees apply based on distance
$35 (2 miles) | $50 (5 miles) | $75 (10 miles)
Delivery fees are based on distance and availability.
Deliveries that require set up will include an additional $75 set up fee that includes 1 hour of service support.
Disposable flatware and service ware is offered at 2/person.
Rental services are available, AMMO can assist in ordering.
Special requests accommodated and dietary needs must be confirmed prior to delivery.

Thank you for thinking of AMMO!